About Us

The Founder Of ExoPets Pro

Hi, my name is Jennifer Moore, and I am the founder of ExoPets Pro. This website is dedicated to the people who want to know more about exotic pets, such as birds & rodents. I am also very familiar with cats & dogs so there might be a few articles on them as well. I have worked 8 years in a pet store as a specialist of the rodents & birds department. My goal is to offer free, accurate information to those who want to provide the best for their animals, because I have sadly witnessed one too many customers neglecting their pet(s) due to their lack of knowledge.

I have had a wide variety of animals throughout my life. I have also participated in hundreds of rescues & I have assisted many veterinarians. I have quite a bit of tricks up my sleeve. Hopefully, I will be of help & have an answer to every question. Even though I prefer using holistic medicine to treat certain illnesses, keep in mind that this website is entirely built on my personal experiences & should NOT replace a diagnostic or a treatment executed by an exotic pets veterinarian. If you suspect that your pet is very ill, contact your veterinarian immediately & never attempt to cure him/her on your own.

Like humans, a pet’s mental health is just as important as his/her physical health, since one alters the other. I believe that every animal deserves to live the best possible life. Luckily, proper pet care starts here!

Oh and by the way, on the picture above it’s Chloe, my red-lored amazon and me.

Thanks for visiting & happy learning !!

Jennifer Moore

Founder of Exopets Pro