Boost Your Rabbit’s Health With These Leafy Greens

Rabbits are herbivores, the second most important aspect of their diet, that is, after hay is fresh leafy greens & herbs. Like hay, they’re a source of fiber. They contain important key nutrients & vitamins that are vital to your rabbit’s health. Certain greens, such as kale, spinach, mint & parsley, should be served in small quantities due to their high calcium content. They should most certainly be avoided in those who suffer from chronic urinary issues. Excessive calcium consumption in a bunnie’s diet can eventually provoke urinary calculus. The calculus can then block the urethra which makes it impossible for your rabbit to evacuate urine (this is to be considered a medical emergency that needs immediate attention).

Leafy Greens & Herbs That Are Safe For Your Bunny To Eat

Due to the rabbit’s sensitive digestive system, new produce should always be introduced gradually & you should reduce the amount if diarrhea occurs. The amount of vegetables to serve on a regular basis is around 1 cup per pound of rabbit. Choose a few of the following leafy greens (they’re all considered safe for bunny consumption) in the list below & offer them while ensuring that they’re varied every now & then:

  • lettuces (romaine or curly)
  • dandelion leaves
  • carrot tops
  • coriander/cilantro
  • dill
  • basil
  • watercress
  • celery leaves
  • brussels sprouts
  • beet greens
  • chicory
  • escarole
  • rocket
  • fresh catnip

Can Greens & Herbs Have An Impact On Your Rabbit's Water Intake?

It can be normal for bunnies to drink less water when eating large amounts of vegetables. Fresh greens have high water content & they tend to satisfy a certain percentage of the total daily water intake needed for a bun-bun to stay hydrated.

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