Timothy Hay Vs Alfalfa Hay: Which One Should You Be Giving Your Bunny?

Good quality hay, made by a trusted brand, is the most important aspect of a rabbit’s diet. It must be available at all times. Allowing your bunny to have unlimited access to hay will prevent the development of dental disease & gastrointestinal disorders. But which one should you be offering your rabbit?

Which Grass Hay Should You Be Offering Your Rabbit?

Grass hays, such as Timothy, Brome, Orchard, Meadow or Botanical (preferably made by Oxbow) must be offered ad libitum, as it’s a rabbit’s main source of fiber. Variating the types of hays will prevent your bunny from getting annoyed with always eating the same one. To add a bit of extra fun, compressed hay such as Oxbow stacks may be introduced but shall not replace the long regular hay.

When Should You Be Giving Your Bunny Legume Hay?

Legume hay, such as Alfalfa should be avoided or strictly limited as an occasional treat. As with Alfalfa pellets, if Alfalfa hay is given regularly to an adult rabbit, it will eventually cause urinary problems/blockages and obesity due to the high levels of calcium & protein it contains. On the contrary, young bunnies & lactating mothers can consume some on a regular basis, preferably mixed in with grass hay (Timothy, Brome, …). Alfalfa provides sufficient levels of protein & calcium to support juveniles while they grow. With the possibility of it harming a rabbit that doesn’t need it, it must be served cautiously.

The Benefits Of Using A Hay Rack Or Feeder

A hay rack or feeder is the best way to distribute your rabbit’s hay. It will assure the freshness of the hay & prevent it from soaking in soiled litter. Employ vigilance if your using a hay ball. Remove the ball if your bun-bun is able to fit his head in the opening, as there have been reports of pets getting stuck in them.

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